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Paniscus is a London, UK based production company - specialising in creative shorts, commercial and music videos. 

About paniscus

Lily Gwynne-Thomas

Creative Director

Paniscus Motion Pictures is a film production company established by writer/director Lily Gwynne-Thomas. After graduating with a BSc from University College London, Lily wanted to create a platform for personal expression. From this Paniscus emerged and is now expanding. 

Paniscus offers something original, producing differentially thought out, stylish creative motion pictures constantly aiming to fulfil the potential of film as a medium.

Lily has experience directing and producing videos for charities, businesses, musicians and artists. She also has experience in narrative filmmaking.

We currently offer a range of services including:

  • Short film production
  • Music video production
  • Promotional film production
  • Development/script editing
  • Editing, Premier Pro

If you are an individual or business in need of a video, please get in touch for a quote or to discuss potential collaborative work.



One Volume

A colourful short film following 6 strangers as they are sucked into the world of a novel. (4 mins)

With- Rory J. Saper, Shun Yan, Rob Akin, Imaan Husain, Sarah Houlton + Lily Gwynne-Thomas

Follow the link to share the literary experience with all 6 characters.

Club Scene, Things We Do Before Midnight

Club Scene, Things We Do Before Midnight

Things we do before midnight

A short narrative film following the lives of Londoners several minutes before midnight.

With 50 cast members and almost 30 locations in a five minute short, this is Lily's most challenging endeavour to date. Due for completion, 2018.




Lily Gwynne-Thomas has always had a love for music. 


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